Mount of the Holy Cross

In July 2016 we did Mt of the holy cross and would highly recommend it as an intro to backpacking 14ers.

There was a bathroom at trail head

Leaving trail head

Packs for the hike

Awesome views during the first days approach

Since we were camping at we got to hike a slow pace on the way in

Randi's favorite flower, columbines

Mount of the holy cross in the distance looks pretty intense

Map of the available camping spots

There are 10 camping spots, and the sites are dispersed from each other and give you plenty of space. There is a permanent no fire rule, so make sure to bring your stove.

Our home for the evening.

We got the last spot available, and it was pretty great, so assumably all of the spots were awesome.

Our drinking water for the night and tomorrows hike

Drinking water is easy to come by, so not too hard to run through your filter and away you went.

Above tree line all the neighboring peaks start looking small

Final push before summit

View from the top

Our classic pose

Stuck in the snow after Mt. Democrat

Stuck in the snow after Mt. Democrat

The four pack followed by some 4wd.

Tyler Tyler
Shavano/Tabeguache Traverse

Shavano/Tabeguache Traverse

A lovely hike with a fun group of friends. Both peaks are class 2, largely due to the steep grade and rock-steps at the summits

Randi Randi
Tyler Tyler

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