White Ranch Open Space

We did another local hike this weekend, White Ranch Open Space, or White Ranch for short. Trail head is ~30 minute from Denver so it is an easy drive taking 70 or 6th.

Some Quick Stats of the hike:

  • Saturday, March 18, 2017 9:03 AM MDT
  • Temperature at starting: ~50 Deg
  • Distance: 7.2 miles
  • Duration: 3 hours, 17 minutes, and 10 seconds
  • Average Speed: 2.2 mph
  • Minimum Elevation: 6072 feet
  • Maximum Elevation: 7394 feet
  • Total climb: 1622 feet
  • Total descent: 1627 feet

Map of the hike!

This hike we are joined by Marly(doggo) Andrew, Elizabeth, and Mike! We met at trailhead at ~9am, way more achievable then a 3am start from trail head for Longs Peak.

The group at trail head

It start with a climb overlooking some crazy houses. A favorite of house from the set is Heaven Bent link 1 link 2. We originally thought it was a community rec center, sadly it is only a house…

Over looking massive Golden Houses

Massive houses with fancy roofs and lawns

After ~1 mile you can see Ralston Reservoir and shortly after the loop section of the trail. We chose to do the route clockwise which means heading up first.

Ralston Reservoir

You can see from the elevation profile that its an aggressive assent as you make your way around the loop. We took several breaks to hangout and watch mountain bikers pass by. There were also several trail runners who made us look a fool by blasting by.

Elevation map: Total climb, 1622 feet

From the top you can also see North Table Mountain, another fun hike that isn’t to far from Denver and very doable for new hikers.

North Table Mountain

Stuck in the snow after Mt. Democrat

Stuck in the snow after Mt. Democrat

The four pack followed by some 4wd.

Tyler Tyler
Crested Butte to Crystal Mills via Schofield Pass

Crested Butte to Crystal Mills via Schofield Pass

the location. This hike is a difficult down then return uphill trek. The varied terrain, ranging from woods, aspens groves, canyons, and meadows make it well worth the journey.

Randi Randi

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