Mt Bierstadt

We Hiked Mt Bierstadt. This was our second time heading up this Guanella Pass 14er.

Out of the 14ers we have done we put Bierstadt(with out evens) put this one in the easiest ones to take new people up. The road to get there is paved the whole way, you can see the summit from the parking lot, the path is easy enough to follow.

The whole path is bottle necked by this path over the water

The first, and probably hardest obstacle is crossing two creeks(I guess they call these rivers in Colorado) at the beginning. Its a pretty popular hike, so there is normally a line of people, hoping they are not the person to fall in.

Here we are at the top with some friends

There is under 3k Elevation gain for a 7 mile round trip hike. So its very achievable for an new hiker, or an in shape out of town guest.

Taking a break on the way up

Stuck in the snow after Mt. Democrat

Stuck in the snow after Mt. Democrat

The four pack followed by some 4wd.

Tyler Tyler
Shavano/Tabeguache Traverse

Shavano/Tabeguache Traverse

A lovely hike with a fun group of friends. Both peaks are class 2, largely due to the steep grade and rock-steps at the summits

Randi Randi
Tyler Tyler

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