Eurovelo 3


As of this morning we are all done with the Eurovelo 3, the first 115 miles of our trip are done! (If you want the math to add up you need to combine this post with post with the previous one).

If you are curious about speed distance or time here are the details

- Thursdays Ride

- Fridays Ride

- Saturdays Ride

We stayed in a few towns, here are my favorites and

The rides have been beautiful! They are all along canals and rivers so lots of treelined paths! The paths have been mostly paved. There was a section of single track and several miles of crushed rocked. I have been working east coast hours, which is evenings here. Most days we ride the morning into the afternoons, and then I work at night, so I haven’t had much time to talk with people outside our hosts or store workers. We are also way out of shape from our previous fitness levels. In 2020 we did a 100 mile ride, 75 mile ride, and several 50-75 mile rides. On this trip 35 miles is exhausting. Hopefully our fitness comes back and we can go back to big miles.


We've Immigrated…still working to integrate

We've Immigrated…still working to integrate

Berlin life in the first three months

Randi Randi
Bulgaria! And other Merry Updates.

Bulgaria! And other Merry Updates.

Bulgaria suits me. We stayed here for a little over two months, and the country just clicked with me.

Tyler Tyler

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