Getting started on our bike trip!

Day 1 - Big travel day!

  • Denver to Newark was pretty easy, we luckily got some help from Randi's step dad Joe to take us to the airport for our 5:30 flight. Getting to the airport at 3:30-3:45 via public transit would have been horrible if it wasn’t for the help of family! We did have to wait in EWR for most of the day, but our flights end-up being really cheap with the help of CC points + being able to tolerate a little inconvenience
  • Our big flight of the day was easy. Our plane was 3-4-3 seat arrangement, and we were middle 2 seats in the middle column. We bunkered down for a rough trip, but we ended up with a row to ourselves so getting a bit of sleep on the flight wasn't impossible.
  • Bikes made it to destination very easily. assembling them was easy (except for pumping up tires)
  • Biking in France has been different then in Colorado. We aren't having as much luck finding bike specific paths, but there are TONS of shielded lanes. When we aren't in shielded lanes the cars are more aware of cyclists so we have been getting plenty of space.
  • I am not snooty about cheese. I like craft cheese, nacho cheese, cheese wiz, pretty much any cheese other then swiss cheese after it has been out for a little bit and starts getting hard. Our first day in Paris I had Roquefort cheese IN France, it was amazing. France's cheese game is strong, isles of cheese in the one market I have been to so far.

Day 2 - First full day in France

  • Our original goal was to sit at our airbnb and chill and get organized, but we decided to defer that. Instead we rode our bikes to the nearest major train station ( and took a train to downtown paris. We then rode our bikes to all the major landmarks ( and took our touristy photos. We then took the train home. (
  • Biking in Paris was surreal. Traffic was crazy, but it didn’t feel like bikes were shunned. There were several times where a lane was turned into a 2 way bike path to promote biking. We also experienced a few bicycle specific traffic patterns we hadn’t seen before. I think after ~30 miles I am getting the hang of small traffic circles, traffic triangles are still a mystery
  • When I pass people on my bike I say "en passant"... I am sure its confusing and makes no sense to them... “what is this guy trying to do, I didn’t move my pawn two spaces, I am just walking here. Is he trying to capture the space I was just in?”
  • I didn't realize how much Spanish I knew until people started asking me questions in French... my brain must be thinking "crap, no clue what they are saying, just blurt out something not English”

Hopefully this message finds you and you know I am safe!

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