Merry MidWest Roadtrip Part 2: Michigan

Our Michigan trip was defined by 3 locations

Traverse City

Traverse City was fun vacation town on the lake. Althought the weather was pretty rainy during our stay we still got to spend some time walking the lake and biking around. We also got to go to The Little Fleet which is a series of food trucks that make up a small outdoor restaurant. This food truck pod structure is absolutely my jam.

Sand Dunes

Near Traverse city are Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. We took our bikes there and got to ride around the park learning about the sand dunes, and the people who once lived there. My favorite part was the museum dedicated to the coast guard crew and lighthouse folks who tried their best to keep the area safe. Because of its position in the great lakes it was a popular location to boat near, but due to the weather frequently saw boat crashes.

Grand Rapids

In Grand Rapids we got to see some really good friends who recently moved and some who have been there a long time. The city of Grand Rapids was really interesting. On our walks around town, we saw a statue dedicated to being the first city in the country to put fluoride in its water, a memorial to President Ford (the only non-elected president), and a fish ladder (where fish trapped by a damn could swim upstream through a series of terraced ledges.

Lisbon, Lagos, and Portimao…We’re in Portugal

Lisbon, Lagos, and Portimao…We’re in Portugal

Tyler and I are finishing up a delightful 2-ish weeks in Portugal. If you’re interested in our high- (and low-) lights, continue reading.

Malta Month of MERRY-ment - Part II

Malta Month of MERRY-ment - Part II

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