Back to the states!

Our bike trip across Europe had to take a postponement due to a health issue with family. We had known it was coming for a long time, but the shock was almost as bad as if it was out of nowhere. We were very lucky to have lives that enabled us to give undistracted time to be there for family when they needed us most.

When in the states we live in Randis mom’s basement where I can work. We have an ‘87 Ford Ranger we use to get around, and normally buy or borrow bikes while we are in town. This time was a bit different. We purchased two new to us bikes, a Spot for Randi and a Surly Cross check for me. We also purchased a 3-year-old Chevy Spark.

I got lime disease during this stage but it seems like I caught it early enough and hopefully won’t have any of the neurological issues.

During our time with Randis family we decided it would be great to road trip around the united states to see some of my family. Our first stop will be Minnesota to visit AJ!

(Top photo is of a pair of moose I saw in Fairplay Colorado )

We've Immigrated…still working to integrate

We've Immigrated…still working to integrate

Berlin life in the first three months

Randi Randi
Bulgaria! And other Merry Updates.

Bulgaria! And other Merry Updates.

Bulgaria suits me. We stayed here for a little over two months, and the country just clicked with me.

Tyler Tyler

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