EV6 Germany 2022

Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/gMr9cPezjc4BS8W16

We did 8 days and 6 rides in Germany. We had our first bit of rain on the trip, which was not nearly as big of a deal as we expected. We also had our first exposure to climbing. Nothing as intense as Colorado, but with our panniers full and not being fully rested even 3k vertical feet was enough to put us in the hurt locker. Around Olm we felt the calling to Colorado. This was health issues both family and our own! We decided to train to Austria to see Dylan and then head to Colorado!

Some highlights

  • Olm was a really cool town. We enjoyed walking around and observing all the cool architecture.
  • Several castles and stone forts.
  • Very precise farming - so many parts of Germany were very focused on things being aligned and well done. The farming stuck out to me because it frequently ran very close to the road/path.
  • So many ebikes - It felt like 85% of the cyclists on the path were on ebikes.

Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/gMr9cPezjc4BS8W16

We've Immigrated…still working to integrate

We've Immigrated…still working to integrate

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