EV6 France, and the first 500 miles of our journey are behind us.

(photos https://photos.app.goo.gl/FWzTPaGGtKsMRG2H7)

We set out with a direction and a path, not knowing how long we would go or what lied in front of us. It seems at this point it is very feasible we will make it to Randi's Brother (Dylan). We are about 1/2 way to Linz, Austria. The pace we started out with (120 miles a week) now feels pretty easy and we think our natural pace might be closer to 180 miles a week. Weather has been great with only one day of light rain.

Randi is commenting every day that the biking trails have been absolutely astounding and bringing her a great deal of joy.

We have a had a few great bits of food on our trip, or favorites have been from a BnB we stayed at in the Burgundy region called Le Heron Pourpre B&B Gastronomique where we had smoked salmon, duck, and homemade cheesecake that were all amazing (Randi also says they have the best croissants in all of France). The BnB was run by a Dutch couple that were an absolute delight. Throughout our trip the wine has all been amazing. Randi has taken to having rose every rest day (she calls it her “rest-day-rose”). We have loved the wine in general and all the yummy cheeses! One thing that surprised me was the Macaroons. I haven’t had a macaroon that I have liked in the past, I always thought it would be better to shove some frosting between two Keebler's vanilla wafers, but dang, the Macaroons we had in Chalon Sur Saône blew my mind. I was expecting to have a small bite and be satisfied but I am pretty sure I could have eaten a tray of those all on my own.

Outside of biking I have been working, studying a programing book I have long wanted to tackle nicknamed SICP, and trying to learn the language of the country we are in. Randi has been busy building routes, finding next accommodations, and drinking her rest-day-rose.

Here are our top four towns we have stayed in!





(photos https://photos.app.goo.gl/FWzTPaGGtKsMRG2H7)

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