Guadalajara Mexico 2021

Our next stop was the city of Guadalajara to Visit Freddy, Eme, Linc, Cal and all of Freddys family. We stayed with Freddys dad in Zapopan. The greater GDL metro area is 5m people and was founded in 1542.

While we were there we spent a bunch of time visiting with Freddys family. A few members of the family have purchased land out side of the city limits and have been starting to build out their properties. So we visited a few of those and got to see how subdivisions are build it. It is very different then my experience in the states. In mexico most cultivated land is owned by ejidos. These land owners break up parcels and sell them in lots. These lots are purchased by individual people (like freddy and his family). The individuals then start building little by little with the resources they have available. The subdivisions that are getting formed start with a little store, sometimes a small hardware store in the center of the subdivision. The center of the subdivisions sometimes have a bus stop, but from the center to some of the individual lots can be a mile or two. As theses subdivisions are just starting there will be only a few houses total, and it feels very rural, but as more and more houses slowly get built it starts to get that suburban feel. It is also really cool how the cultural expectation is building the house with the money you have. So yes the houses get built slow, but they also don't have a huge loan.

We also got to spend a bunch of time with a few of our nephews which was a blast!

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Randi's highlights: Time with family, including...

  • Enjoying Tyler's ghost stories with Linc and Cal
  • Cal exclaiming that every dog is "so cute!!"
  • Linc working to do extra chores to save up for the "Big" Chocolate Kinder Surprise Egg
  • Endless opportunities to practice Spanish with Freddy's dad and sisters (por supuesto que si!!)
  • Todo la comida de Guadalajara: Freddy grilled ribs, Gloria's very spicy ground beef soup, Rocio's pork and nopales soup, and Maria's ceviche
  • Sharing treats at every neighborhood tianguis (market) with Eme, Freddy, and the kids
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