Our next stop on our journey was the city of Merida. It was one of the most family friendly cities I have seen in my life. We went to the downtown square a few times and every time there are dozens of families hanging out, eating street food, and enjoying each others company. On two of the days we were there they blocked off 1/2 of a major road so the people of the town could ride bikes downtown safely. On those days young and old showed up to bike, roller blade and skateboard.

We were in Merida during Buen Fin, which is Mexicos black Friday. Although the risk of death was lower it seemed like the savings were just as good. Sadly we can’t fit a 50 inch TV into our backpacks so we had to settle for a bottle of wine.

Merida was our first real taste of big city living in Mexico at around 1 million people. It was cool having modern convinces like bigger stores and ability to hit up a movie!

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Randi’s highlights:

  • Pueblo Homn and Santa Barbara cenote
  • $6 sparkling tempranilloros
  • neighborhood panaderia - with so much amazing sweet breads/rolls


Queretaro is Pueblo Magicos in central Mexico where we got to spend a week. In addition to taking in wine, cheese, and beautiful aqueducts we took the week to plan our trip to Denver and the weeks following.

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March 2022 in Puebla!

Tyler Tyler

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