Puerto Morelos

We just finished our time in Porto Moralos and it was beautiful! We were joined on this section of the trip by Randi’s Dad who is taking his own Mexican adventure and was able to spend two weeks with us before heading his own way!

We chose to spend the first week of our time with him at the beech in a calm town called Puerto Morelos. While we were there we got to do some swimming, eat sea food, standup paddle boarding, and a little fish watching. Really though, no beach trip would be complete with out a fair amount of time spent just sitting on the beach with a cold drink watching the tides.

The locals were complaining about something called Sargassum in both PDC and Puerto Morelos. The Sargasum is a seaweed that apparently has been getting more and more of a nuisance every year for the past few years. A lot of towns and private resorts have teams of people and machinery who clean it up every morning mid day.

Because the reef is about 500 meters (my own guessing with satellite images, I don’t actually know) from the beach there is a really calm space between where you swim and the waves. Randi and I used this space to standup paddle board. I bought a pair of swim goggles so I could swim up and down the beach. On one day I swam while Randi stand up paddle boarded. We went out to the reef where the tour boats were dropping people off. It was really cool seeing all the fish and aquatic life. Only ones I could recognize were a few rays and something that could have been a barracuda. I think it was ~1300 meters of swimming, each red dot is ~200 meters.

Map of our swim and standup paddle board route.

Randi worked a few days during the week, so on those days Randi’s dad and I rode bikes into the small fishing town, and watched the fishing boats, birds and people take pictures with the landmarks and make their way around the shops.

We did mostly home cooked meals while we were there. We cooked fish, octopus and shrimp. We also made sure to hit up at least one seafood restaurant where we had a least a few plates we couldn’t pronounce with mostly wild success.


Randi and her dad out on the balcony enjoying the beach view.

To offset any FOMO people are having. My stomach hurts a bit from time to time because of food that my system isn’t use to. I have to pee a few times before leaving the house because I am nervous about availability of public bathrooms, and grocery stores frequently don’t always have exactly what your looking for. There are pros and cons to all life choices, but so far we have felt very lucky to be on this trip!

Randis Takeaways!

  • Dad came to town!! And surprised me with Mezcal!!
  • SUPing to the reef while Tyler swam
  • beach sunrise views from the Airbnb balcony
  • Practico espaol todos los dias!

Our favorite photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/79EYgzSQjNe6X71j8



Queretaro is Pueblo Magicos in central Mexico where we got to spend a week. In addition to taking in wine, cheese, and beautiful aqueducts we took the week to plan our trip to Denver and the weeks following.

Tyler Tyler


March 2022 in Puebla!

Tyler Tyler

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