Tulum! (Mexico 2021)

Update on our life, We made it to Tulum and are settling into Mexico life little by little! We rode bikes to a cenote, at which I got SUPER sunburnt. Who know a place that didn’t allow sunscreen would be such a dangerous first stop. :surprised-pikachu:

Randi at a swinging over a Cenote while still being in the water.

My favorite part of Tulum was these ancient cities. We walked around an ancient Mayan city known as Coba that was created around first settled between 50BC and 100AD. The people who created it were pretty interesting. They were really good at stars, mapping, and sacrificing people, but the part that was most impressive to me was their base 20 numbering system and independently coming up with the concept of zero. (instead of null or nil which is more common in ancient accounting)

Ball court with a hoop on one side.

We got to walk through the court where the Maya ballgame was played. If in understand the rules correctly its a bit like soccer and basketball. The steep pitch made me think that there might have been a few more rolled ankles then modern sports.

We were lucky that our first stop was right next to an exersize park so we were able to run and to some body weight exersizes on a sports field and stadum stairs. Getting an exercise routine put together in 90% humidity required me getting up a little more early then I would have guessed!

Highlights from Randi: a) first airport lounge experience (#8amProseccosEsBueno) b) ordered pollo asada completamente en espaol, c) The El Panal co-working space was a lifesaver, d) morning workouts at the park (though bug spray is my new daily lotion).

Us at the Ancient Maya city Coba, pronounced c-b

(Featured photo is of us at the Ancient Maya city Coba, pronounced c-b)



Queretaro is Pueblo Magicos in central Mexico where we got to spend a week. In addition to taking in wine, cheese, and beautiful aqueducts we took the week to plan our trip to Denver and the weeks following.

Tyler Tyler


March 2022 in Puebla!

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