Money Isn't Important to me

In the few times I have let the topic of money slip into conversation, specifically saving money, I will frequently hear "money isn't that important to me" or "I am not money hungry" and I can't help but follow a certain thought path.

Money isn't just a number, it is a store of compounding time, energy, and freedom.

A job is the act of trading time for money, sure there are parts of a job that are really great, but a critical piece for most people isn't those other parts it is the paycheck. If you don't think you are one of those people, go into work and ask if you can switch to volunteer employment, or ask for a pay cut to the minimum amount they can legally pay you.

You can trade time for money, or money for more money.

If money isn't important then so your time isn't important. I can also see the merit of saying time now is more important then time later for activities that time is truly the limiting factor, like when the biological clock is ticking for you or a loved one. Taking time off work to raise a family, or see a sick loved one, or even start powerlifting. If you don't have at least a small emergency fund you may get forced to make a decision, which sounds to me like a lack of freedom. Money is potential time and freedom just waiting to be used. Saving money allows you to hire people to give you more time, it allows you freedom to make different decisions, it gives you choices that aren't available to those who don't save money.

Interest is either working for you, or against you.

Interest you are paying on a depreciating assets is stealing time/freedom from your future self. On the flip side getting paid interest is allowing your self more time, and freedom in the future.  

So when people say "money isn't important to me" I wonder... if money, time, and freedom aren't important, what is?

I always hope the answer is something charitable, and purposeful. "I can't live another day knowing xyz exists" would be so great to hear... but for the majority of us who are involved with hobbies, interests, a minor purpose here or there most of our energy gets spread so thinly across those things it isn't really changing things. The extra time needed to buy supplies for my hobbies on craigslist vs amazon is marginal, the extra time I could spend volunteering if I got a house cleaner instead of doing it myself is negligible, and I would probably let that time slip into watching youtube videos anyway.

Money Isn't Important to me
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